Will this work, Please help

Im looking at building a good gaming and video conversion/editing build, i know this might be overkill, but will it work? I chose the 1200 watt PSU so i can add another GTX770 later down the road
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  1. 850w would be more than enough for 2 gtx770s.

    Everything else looks fine.
  2. Ok Awesome, thanks for the input, the reason I chose the 1200 is because according to the asus power supply calculator is say i would need at least a 900 watt PSU, so i figured too much is better than not enough.
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    You do not need 900w. A gtx 770 will only consume about 200w. They say it will consume WAY more to protect themselves from lawsuits from people with crap PSUs. 850w is WAY more than enough for SLI gtx770s.
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