Help please "Problems with 1TB external HDD"

I've had a Buffalo 1TB HDD for about 2 years. It started acting up about a week ago with transfer times getting longer and longer. I decided to buy a new HDD in order to copy the files across before it died, however I was too late.

Usually when I plug it in now it powers up but it won't be detected. Sometimes it is detected but appears as "local disk (I)". Whenever I try to click on it the computer crashes. Also I've tried accessing the "computer management" section for devices but that also crashes when the HDD is detected.

I downloaded a timed trial of data recovery software." When I used it, it showed all my files on the HDD. However the recovery speed is a complete joke, with an estimate of 9 hours to recover a 8mb file. Obviously the files are clearly still on the HDD is there any way I can get them over to my new HDD? Thanks
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  1. If the device is no longer under warranty, I would be worthwhile to determine where the failure is: the HD, or the enclosure's USB/SATA interface.
    "Crack open" the enclosure, remove the drive, open up your PC and connect the drive. If it works properly, you can either mount it internally, or get a replacement enclosure.

    If the drive is failing, you'd be better-served by a data recovery specialist if the files are that important. The DIY software route you've already tried to explore is at the mercy of the failing components, and is generally only useful for situations where the hardware is fine, but something was mistakenly deleted/formatted...
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