First Time Overclocking... i5 3570K / Corsair H80i

Good Afternoon Tom'sHardware members!!

I have recently finished my £1,400 GBP build (first ever build) and want to get the best out of my money, so I want to overclock my Intel Core i5 3570K from stock (3.4GHz) to a fairly respectable 4.4GHz (stable with low-ish temps)

Specs; (below)

On the ASRock UEFI bios, in the 'OC Tweaker', it has options about;

BCLK? (100.0 - heard you can up this slightly and get a slightly better OC)

Spread Spectrum ?
Internal PPL Over-voltage?
Load-Line Calibration? (what is the best level 1-5?)
CPU PPL Voltage?
CPU Voltage - Fixed/Offset?

Please explain what these are, which settings I should play with to overclock, best load-line calibration level? Iv'e heard level 1 is good to stop vCore going up and down...

Also, should I used fixed or offset voltages?
Iv'e heard fixed is easier, but temps are higher (I have a liquid cooler so this wouldn't effect me much)
and offset is harder but better for temps?

Temperatures don't bother me as I have 4 large intakes and 2 large exhausts plus the liquid cooler...

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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    my advice first try geting more multiplier when u get a bsod upper your voltage. i disable spread spectrum and cpu ppl auto load line 2 cpu voltage on i7 is fixed 1.25

    maximum temp for the chip (90ºc) and GG
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