Asus z87-pro with Gskill F3-19200CL10Q-32GBZHD (not working with all 4 DIMMS)

I am builing the following system
Asus Z87-Pro
Gskill (4x8GB) F3-19200CL10Q-32GBZHD
Intel i7-4771

With all 4 DIMMs installed i get an Q-code 55 = "Memory not installed"

With 2 DIMMS installed in B0 & B1, Bios loads .. but RAM is running at 1333

with 2 DIMMS installed in A0 and A1, I get the Q-code 55 "memory not installed.

1.) Will this RAM work with this CPU and M/B ?

2.) Does it sound like I have bad m/b?
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  1. I do not see your ram on the supported list for your motherboard:
    It may have a problem with 1.65v ram.
    I suggest you open a dialog with G.skil support. Perhaps they can help, or at least confirm that it can't work.
  2. Interesting.
    Try opening a dialog with both ASUS and G.skil.
    Is it possible that there is a bios update for your motherboard?
    Often unusual ram configurations are addressed.
  3. I already updated BIOS to current Version.

    I did notice that this is Quad Channel Memory... and the processor is listed as dual channel. does this matter?

    I also tried using both XMP settings and the default settings

    ASUS Recommended returning the board to the retailer since I just bought it.
  4. Have you tried under XMP - if not, make sure all sticks are firmly seated, go into BIOS, enable XMP and select profile 1...if still problems may want to drop freq to 1866, 2133 and up is normally the realm of the 'K' model CPUs (if you look at specs on the mobo for DRAM freq there should be an "(OC)" next to the 2133, this indicates an OC of the CPU may be required, the non-K 4770 is a locked CPU
  5. Yes I tried both XMP settings.
  6. Then I'd set manually to 1866 9-10-10-30, 1.6, 2T
  7. Each ram stick can populate a channel. Since the kit has 4 sticks, it could run in a motherboard with quad channel capability.
    Because you have only dual channel capability, you will operate in dual channel mode with two sticks in each channel.
    Long way of saying it does not matter.

    4 sticks often needs a bit more voltage. The motherboard needs to operate all the sticks at the same voltage.
    Your max is 1.65v, but I would try at a lower speed. Performance will not suffer unless you need to be below 1600.
  8. So basically... my RAM is not being fully utilized... and I wasted some money... but regardless of that ... all four DIMMS should be working out of the box
  9. So basically... my RAM is not being fully utilized... and I wasted some money... but regardless of that ... all four DIMMS should be working out of the box
  10. Best answer
    No they aren't going to work if you don't have a CPU that can run them at their spec, it's probable there's nothing wrong with any of them.....almost guessing you may have read something here that if the mobo says it can run that freq then that's all you need, there's a lot of folks here that say that and have no idea what they are talking about, it's more if the CPU can run the sticks than the glad you really didn't splurge and buy some some 2933 sticks or something like that. Have you tried 1866 yet?
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