Good motherboard for amd fx 6300

What is a good motherboard to use with the amd fx 6300 i will be using a nvidia gtx 760 with the cpu thanks for any help
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    I see a lot of people how use that processor get only 87 bucks
  2. ok thank you
  3. eatmypie said:
    I see a lot of people how use that processor get only 87 bucks

    perfect choice. was about to post this board too.
  4. Can you overclock with that board ?
  5. Yes asus is well know for their overclocking capabilities
  6. Curtis Baldwin said:
    Can you overclock with that board ?

    yes. i wouldn't try with a 8350/8320 but for that 6300? sure. the board is a 4+2 power phase design, with robust heat-sinks and good VRM/Mosfets. put it in a case with good airflow and it should overclock that cpu just fine.
  7. I will be getting a cooler master storm enforcer case mid tower case. would that be ok ?
  8. should be, it's not the best airflow case around but it's good enough for your needs.
  9. is there a better case with better air flow for the same price or cheaper
  10. sure, an antec 902 (the usb 3.0 version) is about the same price... not the most user friendly case (frankly it's straight up user unfriendly) but easily one of the best airflow cases in existence in the sub $100 price range. the HAF 912 is pretty good too; so is the corsair 300r
  11. is there any real difference between the three cases?
  12. Curtis Baldwin said:
    is there any real difference between the three cases?

    i've had my hands on all 3 cases. i personally own the antec 902, it's heavy and well made, solid like a tank. so you're getting a nice case. that said installation is a bit of a chore, cable management isn't great there isn't room for a 240mm water rad (though you should be able to install a 120mm one just fine). overall i love the performance i get out of it. it moves air faster and better then any case i've ever owned, it moves the air so well inside the case, that the mesh on the exhaust vents is HOTTER then the air inside the case. that's freaking efficient airflow. If you plan to aggressively overclock with an AIR powered cooling tower, this is a great case for you, right up there with one of the silverstone raven towers (which are much more expensive). The negatives are it's very user unfriendly for servicing and installation.

    The HAF 912 on the other hand, is also a fairly nicely vented case. In my experience i never saw ambient air temps get warmer then the room, which is about all you can ask for from a case. it's not quite as "aggressively" cooled as the antec, but it does a nice job. it's pretty user friendly to install and service, it's also much lighter then the antec, and feels flimsier as it's about the same size. it's a nice case and a nice low priced option to look at.

    The corsair 300r is the smallest case i mentioned, though it's clearly designed for any type of closed loop water rad you might want to use. it's also the most user friendly of the three... and probably (IMHO) looks the most "high end" with a subdued classy look and finish, and a polished inside. personally if i wanted to build a system with a high level of both looks and function, this would be my case. That said it isn't really quite in the class of the HAF 912 or Antec 902 for airflow. But just because it's not best in class doesn't mean it's not quite good at moving and venting air, because it's very good at both..
  13. its out of the haf 912 and the antec 902 is it worth spending the extra money on the antec?
  14. Curtis Baldwin said:
    its out of the haf 912 and the antec 902 is it worth spending the extra money on the antec?

    depends. if you're overclocking with an air tower, have a warm room, a hot gpu, then yeah. i'd get the antec despite all the headaches that come with it. if you have ac, or live in a cool climate, or plan to use some sort of liquid cooling setup, i would go with the HAF.
  15. ok thank you :) it looks like i am going with the antec thanks for the help
  16. One more thing what fans do you use?
  17. well the case comes with 4... i used all 4 plus 2 120mm noctuas... (it has brackets for 2 more); eventually because i didn't like the 3 120mm blue LED fans that came with the case, i swapped them out for 2 gentle typhoons and one more noctua... (the gentle typhoons went in the front intake, the 3rd noctua went on the back top vent) i kept the big 200mm fan the case came with (it's quite impressive, and moves a lot of air quietly)

    overall i love the fans that came with the case, i just didn't like all that bright blue light. they moved air well and were quiet. the gentle typhoons work well, i can't hear them and they move good air... same with the noctuas. right now the loudest fans in the case are on my corsair h100 (the case isn't designed for a 240mm radiator, but i did some work on it and got it to fit). personally those will be the next fans i'll replace. when i was using my old air tower cooler with 2 noctuas in push pull on it, you couldn't hear the system at all. maybe a little coil whine from the psu at startup, and the sound of wind blowing from the fans (they're all so quite you can hear the wind in the case, but not the fans themselves).

    if i can land 2 more gentle typhoons (they're getting hard to find affordable) i'll replace those corsair fans and knock the system noise back a few pegs.
  18. ok thanks for all your help :)
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