Poor GPU performance

Hello I have been having issues with my gpu not giving soild performance

GPU is the Gigabyte HD7770 1GB GHz Edition
CPU E8400 Core 2 Duo oced to 3.9GHz
Ram 4GB OZC 1066 DDR2

game that is giving the issues is Mechwarrior on line I have it set at 1280x1024 on High and I start off at 50fps but soon as I start moving I drop way down to 20 then it with jump up to 40 and back down and do the same pattern for the hole game. I tryed overclocking the gpu but it crashed the drivers even after only a 50Mhz ingress should I take this card back or could it be another issue.
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  1. 1gig of system ram is useless. that would be the first upgrade I would make.

    I don't know how the game reacts to dual core processors so can't opine.

    when on line gaming, turn settings back a little to give better performance....

    ( BUY 2 - 2GIG STICKS OF RAM THAT FIT YOUR MOTHERBOARD............. OR AT LEAST A 2 - 1GIG MATCHED SET ) then get back to us on the results.

    i looked up mechwarrior requirements................... says 4gigs of ram...................... you should google it too.
  2. The Graphics card is the best component in your entire system.
    You first need to upgrade your RAM.
    4GB's should be enough as a starting point.
    Then, if you still aren't satisfied with your PC's performance, upgrade to a better CPU.
  3. Yeah I made a typo I don't have 1gb of ram the system has 4gbs but any was still getting around 20/25 fps then the spike up then back down I tossed my 9800gt back in because it was giving me 25/30 fps depending on the map with high settings at 1280/1024 so it seems its back to the store the card also started to crash and recover from crashing with newest at I drivers so think the card just might have a issue
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    clean out nvidia drivers before install amd card.

    9800gt doesn't render DX11. try disabling DX11 attributes within amd's control panel or in games control panel.
  5. Seems it was just the card they sold me they did not have any other gigabyte cards so I was given the sapphire and its working vary well now
  6. good.
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