The computer turns on but no display or beep.

Okay, so I got my old pc here from Pakistan. The case was damaged so I decided to move it to another case. I changed switched everything from my old to new case, the only thing new connected to the motherboard it the new cases power button and the usb wire. Anyway, I installed everything, my video card, fans and stuff and when I turn it on, there is no display or beep. I don’t know what is wrong. I checked the both RAM’s, everything is working. Do you think it could be the video card? I was thinking of removing it and starting it without it but then I thought it should atleast make the beeping noise and just not show the display but it doesn’t even beep so.
I don’t have the specifications of the pc as it was custom built by my brother so. Let me know if you need anything thing else. Kindly help me out, I spent a lot of money on this pc and can’t put any more in it.
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    This was my very own problem, and this was the solution:

    Hope it helps
  2. Didn't work for me, my computer is running but when I did all that, removed HDD and the video card and stuff it turns on but then turns off after 2 seconds and keeps doing that.
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