Looking for a quieter alternative to the stock Intel fan


I am looking to replace my stock Intel fan on my Core2 Duo i7 960 3.20 CPU. I am not looking for extra cooling, as that is not needed here - just something that is quieter than the stock fan.

Any ideas?

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    Cheap as chips, and works great to boot. You absolutely cannot go wrong. I have one cooling an OC'd 6x core 4ghz AMD chip running on 1.5v!

    Incredibly quiet due to the massive area for passive cooling, the will only ever become audible during gaming, or coding.
  2. Cool - thanks man!
  3. Hey dmiddleton if you got the response you were after, don't forget to pick 'Chose as the solution'. :)
  4. dmiddleton said:
    Cool - thanks man!

    Agreed, the Hyper 212 EVO is really slient, even during load.

    Make sure your RAM heatsinks are compatible, or else you'll have to run the fan in pull mode.
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