Problem with current monitor. Should I buy new or fix?

Hi guys,

My LG Flatron L227WTG has stopped working. The screen is black and the power button blinks very deem, to a point where you can barely see it, and doesn't turn on. From what I read, it seems like I need to replace the capacitors- but because this is something I don't know how to do myself I will be taking it to a shop-if I decide to fix.

What I wanted to ask is: being a 6yr old monitor, is it worth fixing it and how much should I expect to pay? If it is a better idea to buy new, what is the cheapest (due to being at a tight budget) monitor that I can get, yet that will have better specs/picture quality than my LG? I use it heavily for gaming and video viewing, and I have been very happy with my monitor (and its 2ms response).

Should I buy new (which one?) or is it worth repairing? Thanks in advance
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    With today's prices, $150-$200 will get you a lot of monitor. Here is a 23" LG:

    Repair shops typically charge $60-75 per hour on repairs, minimum of 1 hour - so you are looking at 50% of the cost of the monitor to repair it. Given that it is 6 years old....go with a new one.
  2. I've replaced parts in an LCD monitor before (Westinghouse brand, can't remember the model number), and I'll tell you this: The scariest part of it was plugging it back in after I was finished working with it. I wasn't sure if it would turn on or turn to flambe!

    It would probably be easier to replace the monitor instead of fixing it. A new one would probably have a better screen resolution.

  3. Agree it would be better to just replace the monitor.
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