Intel x58 NB heat issue and how to monitor?


I had purchased a store bought Asus CG5290 PC a few years back and swore that was the last stock pc I would ever buy. Now I'm moving into my own builds and started with upgrading what I currently have since I'm really keen on keeping my i7 chip.

I have had issues with the stock PSU being basically junk, so I swapped that out for a new CX600 Corsair, installed a Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo onto my CPU and a new case to promote much better airflow than the wacky design from the stock build.

I'm still having issues with Asus's AI probe detecting abnormal temps in my NB however. This was an issue that I thought the better PSU and cSe would address, but it's still there. At the recommendation of the Internet gurus here and there, I also tried HWmonitor, which gives me much different results.

On HWmonitor, my idle temp is ~40, with Asus's AI probe telling me that I'm idling at 74. Both are NB temps. CPU remains the same, cool temp on both. When gaming, my NB temps exceed 80 on AI probe and AI probe flips out.

My mobo is a rampage II gene, and I'm wondering if I am best trying to remove the stock heat sink on it and reapply thermal compound (if I can, I have heard some chipsets have some sort of gel instead? Maybe I read wrong) or if you think a spot cool fan would do best?

Or is this just a monitoring problem? Is the native software the best to rely on or is HWmonitor giving me a reliable read?

Sorry for the novel, but thanks in advance!
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    I would go and physically touch the heat sink on your northbridge normally if it feels like it could burn your hand it's way to hot
  2. Alrighty, thanks. I can open up the case tomorrow when I get access to it.

    Should it be way too hot, what is your suggested fix for it?
  3. I would say run everything at stock for a while and see if the same thing happens
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