First Build Best Cooling Solution? Really need help!! i7 4770k w/GTX 780 Possible Overclock to 4.2 GHz

Hey Guys,

SO I REALLY need help with a decision here. I'm building my computer and have all of the necessary components except for what my cooling system will be. Some of the questions I need answered are the following:

Water or Air Cooled?
Best Air Cooling System?
Best Water Cooling System?

My Budget is around $100. I'm looking more for overall performance but would like it to be a bit on the quieter side. I want my setup to run nice and cool without breaching any type of temp comfort zone. The main components I have going in to my rig are listed below. (my apologies if most of it is pointless to list. It's my first build)

Cooler Master HAF X Windowed Case

i7 4770K CPU

EVGA 03G-P4-2784-KR GTX 780 Stock Clock at 967MHz Video card


32GB (4x8) G. Skill Trident 1600 RAM

SeaSonic 860W ATX12V / EPS12V PSU

I plan to do a little overclocking on my CPU but most likely won't go over 4.2 GHz

I'm going to be making my purchase in the next week and really just want to know what my overall best option is for cooling my CPU. Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you!
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    The Maximus VI Formula begs for something like the CM Eisberg 240L prestige as a minimum. Before labor Day it was $ newegg has it for $179

    You can "open the loop" and use it to also cool the MoBo VRM / MOFSETS as is shown in this gorgeous build. (two uses 240 L for CPU and MoBo, other uses reservoir, pump, etc for GFX cards)

    For $100, you best bet is a Phantek's PH-TC14-PE air coolers.... I wouldn't even look at any of the ALC coolers ..... way way too noisy....and only the H1xx competes with the Phanteks (or Silver Arrow / Noctua DH-14)

    Skip to 2:00 minute mark in video below

    Swiftech 220 is another option but again well over double ya budget
  2. I agree with Jack, the maximus VI formula is already setup for a liquid solution. Unfortunately, a good liquid solution is over your proposed budget. Phanteks is the best performing air solution for these haswell cores so far.
  3. The Eisberg is $110 at the moment on newegg which makes all ALC type units irrelevant as long as the price holds.
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