new pc(built by hand) freezes/blue screens/ goes black

it mostly happens when after a while of being on. sometimes when i start downloading something, other times right after startup or in login screen. i have an msi g43 mobo, gpu is sapphire 7950HD, i5 4670k.
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  1. put the full specs please
  2. Could be ram(run memtest), could be dirty power from a poor quality and/or failing power supply.
  3. my powersupply is brand new, 600w(enough for what i have). I ran the ramtest program, 2 windows of 2047 and both show 0 errors so far. do you have any other recommendations?
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    "my powersupply is brand new, 600w(enough for what i have)" the fact that its new and 600w doesn't mean anything. For example a new 600w Raidmax(maker od very low quality cheap units) PSU is still a horrible power supply(even though its 600w and new), they can't delivery their rated wattage and they deliver dirty power than can(and usually will) cause system instability and can even damage other components.
  5. It could also be caused by the lack of drivers, that you are looking for in your other post.
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