Am I bottlenecking?

I recently got a 7990 gpu, upgraded from a 7878xt cause it was cheap and came with games. I was running planetside 2 at 40-60 fps high settings w/ 7870xt in battles. With my 7990 i am getting 10-20 fps in battles. I have tried 13.4, 13.9, and 13.10 drivers/ When i check the fps is says cpu beside it. Do you guys know what is going on?

BTW My cpu is a 3570k at 4.2ghz and I know planetside 2 cpu intensive
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  1. Probably a crossfire bug
  2. do you know what the bug is?
  3. compnewb_12 said:
    do you know what the bug is?

    I haven't played PS2 in a while, so I honestly can't remember how well it performed. If you haven't done so already, completely uninstall the AMD drivers and then clean the remainder with driver sweeper. Then reinstall the Catalyst 13.10 beta drivers
  4. I will try that and see what happens
  5. I tried the drivers and got maybe 5fps better, thats it
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