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A few questions about dvi splitters.

September 20, 2013 6:58:58 PM

I have recently started to stream on, Mostly BF3 (hopefully soon to be bf4) However I am running into some frame rate issues? I guess you could call it. I am streaming from my main rig to a second rig (capture rig). The graphics card in my main rig is a gtx 780, I am trying to maintain 140+ frames in bf3. I am cloning my display which is being captured by my capture card in the second pc. Every so often I get a frame drop and/or a stutter effect. It happens every 3 or so minutes.

While its not the biggest of issues, it has caused me to die afew times, and above all else is rather annoying.

My questions are about trying a different capture solution. I am wondering if using a dvi splitter would cause input lag to either my monitor or my stream capture. Also does cloning a display cause more work for my gpu? Maybe thats a question I should ask in the graphic/display section.

Anyways any thoughts or feedback always appreciated.