Background white noise with Zalman ZM-Mic1

I had heard a lot of people say this mic was great for use with voip and for the price it seemed easy enough to just get it and try it out. What I found was that the mic seemed to be picking up the sound fine but it was extremely quiet. So I went into the device properties set the microphone levels to 100 and set the microphone boost to +20.0dB. This solved the quiet problem but introduced a constant white noise in the background, loud enough to be both noticeable and annoying. So instead of using the device properties I recorded the mic and used audacity to amplify the volume and the same effect occurred.

I'm using Windows 7 and the latest Realtek HD Audio drivers for my ASRock Z77 Extreme4. The problem is identical in both the front and back microphone ports.

Did I just buy a faulty mic or is this a usual problem with the Zalman or its interaction with onboard sound drivers? Also does anyone know of a program I could use with a virtual audio cable to filter out the noise?
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  1. All recordings have some amount of static, and 20 decibels is a *huge* boost in volume.
    Move the mic closer to you mouth, lower the boost as much as you can. That's all the advice i have. You can't expect studio quality from a ten dollar mic that's a couple millimeters wide :)
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