upgrade path for i7-2600k from 32GB to 64GB RAM, if any?

Hey guys, I'm planning my next hardware upgrades as I've been rendering a lot of videos with my 24GB ramdisk but am often needing more than that as I'm now rendering raw 1080p. So, I was thinking of getting a mobo that supports 64GB ram and is comparable/faster than my current build.

Currently running an LGA1155 i7-2600k(@3.4Ghz) ASUS P8Z68-V LX with 32GB DDR3 RAM, a system OCZ Agility3 60GB, secondary scratch Transcend SSD 128GB and a main Seagate 2TB HDD with an ASUS EAH6850. Although there's other solutions, an onboard ramdisk is blazingly fast and currently optimal for my video rendering needs.

I realize I'll be buying a new motherboard for this, although I may have to buy both mobo+CPU. I'm looking at all the different sockets and chipsets and am a bit confused... a bit of help would be great. Budget is not too much a concern, either I'll be eating Mac n Cheese or Bread n Water, but I need to upgrade! Thanks in advance!
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    If you are really rending a lot get an lga 2011 motherboard and for the processor Cheaper version
    More expensive

    I personally build one of these system for a friend who is going to school to become a programmer and video game maker and this board and processor have been working fantastic for him, He also has a ram disc setup of 48gig's just my opinion if you want good overall quality
  2. Looks like there's no path for LGA1155, looks like either LGA2011 or LGA2011-3 with the X99 coming out later 2013/2014. But.... how about the DDR4 ram capacitites?
  3. DDR4 will be faster when it comes up but I would probably still buy a ddr3 motherboard 2011 motherboard and wait a few years to go to ddr4 because around then they will have everything optimal and they will probably have more verity then if you bought it as soon as it came to market
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