Asus m5a99x evo r.2.0 vs m5a pro rev. 2.0

I am looking to either one of these boards. What is the difference between the two? The only real difference I can see is the m5a99fx pro has dual pci-e x16 slots and the m5a99x evo runs sli x8. I have a gtx 670 at the moment and may sli in the future. Will I see any performance difference getting the 99fx pro over the evo?

Also, the m5a99fx pro is $30 more and will need to be specially ordered. I can get the m5a99x evo today. Is it worth the extra money and waiting?
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    Both boards are good and there will be no noticeable performance difference with them running SLI. Here showing single GTX680 card having average 1% difference in ver 3.0 at X8 and X16 speeds
    I say get it today.
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