When building a gaming computer, how do I evenly pick my CPU and GPU?

If someone was to build a new PC, how would they go about picking there CPU and GPU whilst keeping the "overall" performances of each "equal"?

Best example I can think of: If I wanted a CPU and GPU that both ran BF3 at a MAX of 60FPS, how would I pair them without looking up every new part benchmark?

Reason for the question is that, *generally* (obviously) the btter the part the higher the price. That being said if my GPU is going to be capped @ 60FPS,
I wouldn't want a more powerful CPU that runs more than that if I have to pay more because 60FPS (forgetting monitor Hz) is the limit set by the GPU.
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    As a rough guide you want to spend 1-1.5 times the amount on your GPU as your CPU ie £100 CPU + $100-$150 GPU. If you want it balanced for a specific game you need to research that game as some need more CPU and less GPU and vice versa.
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