AMD Phenom II X4 965 Bottleneck?

Will my AMD Phenom II X4 965 have any problems with a gtx740 ?
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  1. Did you mean GTX 760?
  2. Can you overclock?
  3. Yes i mean 760. Rolli59 I dont know how to do that :(.
  4. Motherboard 880GXH AsRock
    Cpu AMD Phenom II X4 965
    500 w Power Source
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    I found out with my 955BE and HD7850 that I would get a nice performance boost with the CPU at 3.6GHz. All you need is an aftermarket cooler like CM hyper 212 series or Xigmatek Gaia, then just raise the CPU multiplier in BIOS and monitor temps, most 965BE will hit 3.7/8GHz no problem without upping voltage.

    here is a test between a Athlon X4 750K vs core i5-4670k. your processor has an advantage over the athlon with the L3 cache and it's a bit better in gaming, and the GTX 760 is somewhere between HD7870 and GTX 780 exeplified in the video.
    I think you'll do fine.
  7. Thank you for the support guys. Really appreciate it !
  8. I've got a zalman cooler, but i dont remember the ID of it or the full name
  9. Just remember to check temps most Zalmans are good.
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