Fan configuration and 212 EVO fans?

I'm looking to upgrade the fans of my case in the near future, I have the BitFenix Shinobi and for my heat sink I have using the 212 EVO. I'm not entirely sure how to set up the fans on my case and heat sink, the motherboard I am using is the M5A99X EVO R2.0, I think it support 2 CPU fans and 3 case fans. My thoughts were to set up a push/ pull configuration on the 212 for the two CPU fans and then put a fan at the back of the case and two fans at the front of the case for the three case fans. If anyone has a better set-up for the most efficient airflow then let me know. Also if someone could reccomend be 5 fans, 2 for the 212 EVO and 3 case fans that are high performance but are still nice and quiet (My guess is Noctua will be the best).

Thanks for any help. =)
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  1. Move all air front to rear....

    Side in and top out for any extras, if those options available
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    Push/pull on the 212 EVO is mostly pointless. You might get 1 or 2 degrees better.

    General fan config: In the front/bottom, out the back/top. You want to move air through the case, not just blow it around inside.
    Only add more fans if you see a real need.
  3. Like stated above , don't bother with the second fan on the EVO , no better performance with 2.

    Red is exhaust , Blue is intake.
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