GTX 780, 690, 7990. Help!!!!!!!

I recently configured my FIRST PC Build from the upcoming company, now i have researched a little about some of the components and heres my build so far....

CPU: i74770k Overclocked to 4.3 Ghz
Cooler: H100 Extream Water Cooler
Motherboard: Gigabyte G1 Sniper M5
RAM: 8GB Corsair 2133mhz Vengeance ( Not to interested in 16GB, May Upgrade in the Future )
Case: CM Storm Trooper
PSU: 850W Corsair TX V2

Now, the Graphics card, one of the hardest things to choose, i have made a selection of a few graphics card listed below....

Nvidia Geforce GTX 780 (There is also a GTX 780 Phantom)
Nvidia Gefore GTX 690
XFX AMD Radeon 7990

Now My main purpose is to play most games coming out now, and the ones to come in the future
i will NOT be using mulitple screens as im only using one screen, the LG 24" 24EN43VS-B LED.

I have heard many things upon the 690 and 7990 both are very powerful but have issues, over heating, Micro Stuttering which i have little knowledge on... I really Need Help On choosing, I Need a POWERFUL Card that can play most games at MAX settings without any problems.

Please if you have any suggestions on any of the cards above or any other cards out please let me know ASAP! :)
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    Honestly, I think even a GTX770 would have enough power to play anything out there now.

    I havn´t heard too many good things about the 7990 cards. Mostly because of heat and noise issues.

    My advice: Get an GTX770 (or a 780 if you have the money). And if you happen to run into the GPU´s limits - which I doubt with only one monitor - get another 770/780 and go SLI.
  2. ^Good Advice from above post.

    I would also add that "Micro-stuttering" is almost nonexistent on current nVidia builds. Not to bash AMD camp, but I'm not confident theyve solved all their CFX issues as of yet (despite the recent pacing update)...a 7990 is the BEST value card at that price point however.

    I'm running 670's in SLI and no frame pacing/micro-stuttering problems on any game...and I'm a horrible stickler on image quality.

    If I had to throw in a recommendation...I'd say go for the 780. Essentially a Titan at a much better price. It will definitely handle your gaming needs for years to come, without the hassle (some might say) of SLI/CFX.
  3. Agree with Som3one, the 770 would be plenty for that res, specially if you can get your hands on a 4gb version. Even the 2gb vanilla will be fine for 1080p. The 4gb will give you a little room to apply higher AA settings and other bells an whistles.

    The other cards are way overkill, and cost too much for what you get.. 7990 has issues with framce pacing, but although addressed somewhat in the 13.8 drivers, there is a second part to the fix, for multiple monitor support and DX9 games, which won't be available until just before Christmas. So i'd shy away from that.
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