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Hey all, my pc seems to be stuck in an infinite loop. When I turn on my PC it reaches the Asus manufacturer screen so I believe I can get to the Bios. After that it seems to be having issues getting to the windows welcome screen. The furthest it gets to is Windows Recovery mode. I've tried "last know good configuration" and "safe mode". But it just restarts again and leads me to the Asus manufacturer screen, creating an infinite loop.

My pc was just working just fine last night, but can this problem be psu related?
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    Shut down, pull the DRAM, reset the BIOS (will require you to update date and time), then install DRAM and give it a try.
  2. Thanks for the solution but I think I may have solved the issue. At first I thought it may be hardware related like a failing psu. But after I formatted my pc and re-installed windows, my pc works fine now. I'm still stumped on what could've caused the problem in the first place though. =/

    Maybe I need to clean my ram or my pc in general since I haven't done so in months and it is getting a bit dusty in there.
  3. Not a bad idea to blow the inside of the case every couple of months, glad to hear things are better
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