Will I suffer from bottlenecking with GTX 760 and an AMD FX6200 processor?

Here is my current rig

CPU: AMD Fx 6200 no O/C
16gb Ram
GPU: Palit GTX550ti
PSU: Corsair GS600
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  1. If you overclock the FX 6300 as much as you can, you shouldn't suffer from bottlenecking.
  2. There will be bottlenecking but how much depends on the game you are playing. Some will be fine, others will be slower than you would like. No one can say yes or no because it all varies based on the game being played.

    The FX 6200 is based on the older Bulldozer arch which was pretty disappointing.

    Are you able to overclock at all?
  3. I wouldn't know where to start with overclocking to be honest. I'm quite new to pc building.
  4. Did your PC come already assembled or did you build it?
  5. Already assembled a year ago, then I changed case, PSU and cooler. Will it be all that noticeable or interrupt gaming? If its a major upgrade on what I have I would prefer to wait until I have to money to change the CPU.
  6. I'm trying to determine what motherboard you have. That way we know if it is possible for you to overclock or not.

    What games are you trying to play? Any you currently play that you are experiencing performance issues with?

    It is important to know this to determine if a new graphics card will even help much.
  7. I have a Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3. I'm not sure how the 760 performs yet as it arrives on Monday. I mainly play Skyrim, Tomb Raider, GW2 and FIFA. I don't have any real problems, just looking to play games at higher settings. I will in the next year or so switch to an Intel CPU and better mobo.
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    Your play sounds fine. You will bottleneck in Skyrim and GW2 but it shouldn't be horrible.

    You can overclock with that motherboard but I'm not sure if that's something you want to tackle or not. Since you already have the aftermarket cooler, it might not be a bad idea. There are plenty of guides around that show how.
  9. Cool, thanks for the advice.
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