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I am trying to connect to a NETGEAR router using a new Belkin N150 USB adapter. I am running XP Professional on an old IBM Clone Desktop. I am connected to this router now via my laptop.

I previously connected the desktop directly via Ethernet cable using local area connection 7 which is still visible on my connections.

When I first installed the USB adapter a radio tower icon opened up at the right bottom of the screen xed out then a larger window opened saying that a wireless connection had been detected. However when I clicked on the radio icon I got a large window saying No wireless networks found in range.

I have checked services.msc and everything is ok. I have tried uninstalling the Belkin software, the hardware, all of the network connections and rebooting but nothing helps.
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  1. Last time that happened to me I changed the router's wireless channel, restarted Windows on the affected laptop, and when I opened Network Centre my router was listed.
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    I would have to add that I've had several issues with Belkin's connection software....
    What I've done to resolve it is simply not install it.

    I start clean - uninstall everything Belkin put on there, then in the Device Manager, uninstall the wireless adapter itself.

    Now, I'm assuming you have the Belkin software CD?

    If so, stick it in the CD drive and reboot.

    If the Belkin CD autoruns, cancel it.

    When the New Hardware Wizard pops up, choose install from a specific location.

    Browse the Cd, you should find a folder that just says "drivers" (might be inside and XP folder).

    Choose the drivers folder, and let the wizard finish the install, it will simply copy the necessary driver files to the C: drive.

    Now, as long as the Wireless service is running, the wireless icon should show again on the bottom right, and you should be able to find your network.

    Please post if that helps or not.
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