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So I recently moved in to an old house for school, and seeing as that the walls are plaster, I have extremely low throughput on the ground floor (router is upstairs). So I purchased a wifi repeater to amplifry the signal, specifically, the western digital wifi range extender. However, I'm experiencing problems with it and I'm hoping someone with experience can help. The unit seems to do its job, it DOES give me a much better signal, however it only stays tethered to my router for about a half an hour before losing its connection (signal strength LED's go off completely). I have tried a factory reset and still have the problem. Has anyone experienced this, or can someone with networking knowledge tell me why this is? Am I doing something wrong or is it a defective unit?
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  1. It could be a defective unit or your repeater could be losing the connection (out of range). Try moving it a bit closer to your router if you can and see if that fixes it.
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    Where did you place the repeater. It does no good to place it in the same room as the PC that has trouble receiving the signal in the first place.

    You must place the repeater in a area that it gets good signal but is close enough to the far Pc so that it too gets good signal from the repeater. Normally this is 1/2 way between the router and the target PC. Unfortunately many times you cannot place the repeater in the absolute best location. In those cases most the time you are better off improving the connection to the router at the expense of providing poorer signal to the pc. The PC is more tolerant of errors in most cases. Most the time random failures after it has been working are related to interference which is very hard to find so your best bet is to try other channels.
  3. I contacted WD customer support and they had me set the RE up in a different way. For anyone interested, I connected the RE directly to the router via Ethernet, and ran the first time setup. I also did a factory reset if the router and changed the security protocol to wpa2 instead of wpa/wpa2. It seems to have done the job. Thanks for your input everyone!
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