I5 3570k - is there a plastic film on the thermal paste of the stock heat sink/fan?

Hey I was wondering if other than the plastic frame on the side of the thermal paste, whether there is actually a small piece of plastic film over the thermal paste itself?

Because I keep finding bits of plastic film, so far only on the psu and mobo, covering logos and whatnot, which I have been taking off.

Panicking because I just thought of this after I put my rig together for the first time...machine posts fine...but if there is a film I'll have to dismantle it again...pfff.

Hope I'm just being silly :) hope...
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  1. Yes there should be one(some come with it while some dont, depends on who made the HS) covering the copper part of the heatsink o'er the thermal paste. Remove the plastic film(asap to prevent damage to the cpu) and use isopropyl alcohol to remove the thermal paste from the HS and CPU then use some good quality thermal paste and re-attach the heatsink.
  2. Hi, What are the CPU temperatures (idle and under load)? Use HW Monitor or check in BIOS?
    If it was a plastic probably the machine wouldn't have booted (restarts would occur due to high temperatures).
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