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I'm considering buying a laptop, everything looks perfect, besides one thing, which would be the wireless card. It's only single band, rather than dual. What does this mean? Can I still online game, Skype, YouTube, etc.? Will the connection drop often?

The actual card: Intel 802.11b/g/n WLAN and Bluetooth(R)
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    Yes, you can still play online games, Skype, etc. Dual band vs. single band refers to using different wavelengths to communication with compatible routers. Really not a concern for most users. You will be more than fine with a single band unit. No worries.
  2. The card that in the laptop is a good 2.4g card that does the older b and g speeds for older wifi routers and the newer n. it be a few years till a lot of the home routers and wifi spots switch to 5ghz band. Open wifi people still trying to get more free open bandwidth for wifi.
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