How to set up ssd hdd system on clean windows 7 install

Hello. I am trying to set up my computer so that only the OS and NOTHING ELSE is on the ssd. I have a 128 gb ssd and a 1 tb hdd. This means I want the users file on the hdd. This is because on my last install my ssd had 117 gob of data on it, 50 gb of which was post install games. Telling me to just move my media won't work because all of my media is on the cloud. I want my program files, app data, etc on the hdd. Thank you in advance.
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    Sounds like you a bit OTT.. 128Gb drive should be big enough for OS and core user data..
    Being "sensible" my SSD C drive is128GB and is only 50GB used.
    But if you want move user directories etc you can

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