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So, I was installing a game called WarThunder and was asked to update my video drivers for my GTX 660ti by Nvidia. I did as asked, and downloaded the Nvidia drivers from the site. (I did already have all the drivers installed from the CD, and it looked like the same thing as if I was installing the drivers twice). After it finished updating, it said Update failed and I think it made me restart. After restarting, the screen only appeared on one monitor, as if the graphic card was not detected (3 Monitor Setup). I restarted again to make sure and still only booted on one monitor. I went in and uninstalled all the Nvidia drivers, and then reinstalled them. This did not work, as I got the same issue. I then removed my Graphic Card from the slot, and put it back it and nothing was working, not a single monitor. I then tried to put only my DVI directly into my mobo. Still, nothing worked. I then took out the GFX Card again, and booted with the DVI in the mobo and it worked! I then tried to install the drivers but it didn't work since it didn't detect the card because I had it out. I put it in, booted and only one monitor was working, but the card was working. I installed the drivers, and rebooted but only one screen is working (HDMI). I switched around all the cords, rebooted, and nothing is working still. If I plug the two monitors that don't work (DVI and DVI-D in, the one working monitor stops working as well. I have no idea what to do and need to use my computer. Here are my specs:

Mobo: Z77A-G45
CPU: i7 3770k
GPU: Nvidia GTX 660ti
Monitor: LG L227WTG (3 of em)

Please help guys!
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  1. Spinny99 said:
    In other words, any of my 3 screens won't work if I plug another in.
  2. Please help!!!
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    try completely removing your drivers using a tool like ddu ( then make sure you install the RIGHT drivers for you card. What operating system are you using?
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