Computer crash while playing 3D games

Hello, it's my first message and english is not my main language so take that into account. Thanks!

Note : My PC is 4 years old, I have this problem for 8-11 months. I play my games through Steam.

Short story : When I play games (Hitman Absolution, Left 4 Dead 2, Fallout NV, Age Of Empires II HD), my comptuer crash randomly. I can get 20 minutes of playtime or 2 hours before a crash... it's random. Sometime the screen goes to one color (green, tan, gray) and some others time the computer simply reboot by itself. For about 3-5 seconds the sound of the game continue. I have to hard reset the PC.

I tried to play with lower video settings but the problem is still there.

Take note that some games are not crashing (Far Cry 3, Borderlands 2, The Walking Dead, Alan Wake).

What I did so far : Reinstall Windows, update all the drivers, try older NVIDIA drivers. I tried my graphic card in another PCIe slot. The temperature seems fine to me : Idle = 55 C, Load = max 72 C. I switched my 3 DRAM sticks and done a MemCheck.

I ran FurMark for 65 minutes at full load. The temperature reached 93 C. No problem at all.

Another little note : Before reinstalling Windows, my computer also did the same problem when watching Youtube video in fullscreen. 2-4 seconds after switching the video to fullscreen... blackout. The problem was only present in Google Chrome, IE was OK. Disabling Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome solved the problem.

My graphic card should have a lifetime warranty. So if we cannot resolve the problem here, I will try my graphic card into another computer (I don't have one with a PCIe 16x. So I will need to find one) and if the problem is really the card RMA it.

If you have any tips, please tell me. A big thank you!

Computer specs :

CoolerMaster HAF 922
Asus Rampage II Extreme
Intel Core i7 920 @ 2,67GHz
XFX GTX 260 Black Edition
OCZ Platinum 3x2GB @ 1600MHz
SSD OCZ Vertex 3 128GB
Ultra X3 1000W
Windows 8 Pro 64 Bits (Official)
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  1. With a pc that old its probably the graphics card, you probably need a new one,
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