AMD FX8350 Worried about my overclock and Temps

hi before i go any further i appreciate any help that is given by anyone.
right....... im 16 and bought a custom built PC because i was not very confident in building one myself. My FX8350 is OC'd to 4.6Ghz on 1.428Volts and i feel as if my temps are a little high and i suffer from stuttering in some games. im using a H80i and the 2 stock fans are on max speed . i ran prime95 to see if my OC was stable and the Core/Package temp shoots up slowly to about 60 degrees and the socket temp is around 74 degrees. i feel like something is wrong and im worried about shortening the life span of my FX 8350
i would love some reassurance to ease my mind a little but i think its most probably bad news. thanks in advance
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  1. You have high temps because of your cooler. You may want to try to get a H100 or H110. Both are very good coolers and easy to install.
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