what can i play with these pc specs and how much is this worth around?

Main Specs:
Processor: Intel Core I3 2.93 GHz Quad Core Processor
Memory: 4GB gaming memory with heat sink.
Graphics Card: Radeon HD 4870 1GB
Otical Drive: 24X DVD burner
Hard Drive: 500GB SATA II 7200 RPM
Case: Raidmax Aeolus
Power Supply: 550 Watts after market power supply
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    Depending on your resolution it could run most games at medium/low, but only in dx10 and below. That is an older power hungry gpu, I would suggest building your own. I wouldn't think it would be worth more than $300.
  2. +1 its not bad considering the age, there is no quad core i3. Also assuming thats a 1st gen i3 they can overclock like crazy but $300 I would say is quite generous and the max its worth.
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