Building new pc! PLEASE HELP + IM NEW HERE :)

I have decided to build up a new pc (after 6 years). I am from Greece/Europe so i will talk you with Euro prices.
My goal was to keep the budget as low as possible. And keep in mind that pc parts are more expensive in europe than USA.
This is my built, if you can recommend a change please let me know. Oh and my available budget is 700 euro maximum.
CPU: AMD fx 6300 3.5ghz
Motherboard: Asus m5A78L LE.
GPU : Asus HD7850 Dc2-2gb
Caase: In win griffin Black (midi box)
HDD : Western Digital 1 Tb sata 3
Power supply Corsair vs series 550w
Ram: 2x4 gb corsair
Cd drive: Asus DRw
All these costs around 680Euros. Please any suggestions would be appreciated:)
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  1. oh, and btw for the gpu im between Asus HD7850 Dc2-2gb and PALIT GEFORCE GTX660 OC 2GB GDDR5 PCI-E RETAIL. What should i choose?
  2. What about the rest of the pc? is it worth it? I mean would i have good fps on high demanding games?
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    It will do fine for games from last year and such. You might have to dial back the settings a bit for games from this year. as new games come back you'll have to dial back the graphics settings in order to keep things going smooth.

    this is all assuming you will be gaming at 1080p resolution. Overall you have a solid mid-range computer there that will handle any current game at high settings at smooth framerates.
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