Laptop charger wont fit into my laptop anymore help?!?!?

Hey guys, I bought an asus g53JS gaming laptop about a few month ago and suddenly the end of the charger wont fit into my laptop anymore.
What can I do?
How can I fix this?
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  1. I mean the end of the charger wont fit into the slot of my laptop anymore.
    So it wont charge in general and my laptop is currently at 0% battery so I cannot turn it on
  2. It's under warranty, get it fixed where you bought it. It's easier that way, I think the pin inside the jack is broken, you will need to open it to replace the jack. So RMA the laptop.
  3. I bought it open boxed and it didn't come with warranty :\
  4. Maybe that is the reason the jack is broken, someone forces it and with time it broke. So you have to change it or get someone to replace it.
    I found a link for the jack :
  5. How do I replace it? is it really hard?
    How much would it cost to replace it by a professional? thanks
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    I found a link for a short video to replace the jack :
    And a long video :
    It's up to you if you can replace yourself the jack.
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