Mid/High end pc bad benchmark score.

Build is in my sig.
It's a i5 3570k
Gtx 780 Superclocked with acx cooler
8gb ram at 1600mhz
1tb western digital blue HDD
Msi z77a gd65

I downloaded the software and tested on hidden valley benchmark and get a avg of 22 FPS!!! It plays fine just at the start of each scene
it has trouble loading but once it's all loaded up its fine.
So I don't know what's wrong.
Games work fine for the most part never anything wrong.

I have recently used msi live update to upgrade all my drivers and nvidia GeForce. But I've been having this problem before using these programs.
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  1. First off make sure your video cable on the gpu not on the mb port. If it on the mb port your using the intel chipset. In the bios set display to peg or pci. Turn on xmp profile and download Intel chipset updater. Make sure mb got the newest bios on it.
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