I hope this is in an OK location. I've seen similar threads but nothing that exactly match and no solutions for me. Please talk to me in lamens.

Fri I bought an ASUS desktop PC ("out of the box") and ASUS monitor.

Upon hooking up the DVI cable, turning on comp, making sure the monitor input was correct... It said no signal. Checked connections, etc.

Repeated with VGA. no luck.

Took HDMI from Xbox and voila, working monitor.

Well gta v is out so obvs I needed the cord back. Unplugged from compy and used on Xbox just fine. Done with Xbox, plugged it back into compy... No F'ING signal.

I've spent an hour googling to no avail, and I'm near tears out of pure frustration.

Please help!
I'm certain the input is correct but it just says no signal and then goes to sleep. It won't even let me access the mmenu. I've tried rebooting 4 times. No luck. Checked and reconnected cable many times. Nothing.

Please please please help me ;(
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  1. Did the monitor come as part of the computer in a package deal - might check the DVI input to the monitor and see if it's a single link or dual link DVI and if you have the proper cable, with some monitors it requires the specific connector
  2. It came separately. The monitor was defective. I replaced it, and am no longer having problems. Thanks for your response.
  3. No problem, have fun !
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