Memtest86 Help and advice?

I am currently running MEMTEST86 on my other pc and it is showing over 9000 errors so far and it has been running for 4 hours on 6GB od RAM.

Is this a good indication that i need to get a new set of ram, as the ram i have now is DDR3 OCZ brand.

The reason i am running this test, is because i origionally purchased 8 GB (4x2GB) but one stick was corrupted and was making the pc run on single channel, i eventually found the problematic stick and removed it and it showed up 6GB dual memory which i assume is the right thing.

But my computer would always randomly freeze, blue screen or restard when i was doing things so i was told to run MEMTEST and here i am.

Any help would be great, i have already trouble shot the graphics card and it is not the issue, over heating isnt a factor as it is running nice and cool.

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    Best to check each stick individually and eliminate the bad one(s)
  2. Which version of MemTest86 are you running?

    Can you post a screen shot from MemTest86 showing the errors?
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