Need help picking parts for budget gaming rig

My girlfriends birthday is coming up and she is in desperate need of a new computer. I'm on a very tight budget and was thinking of two scenarios. I wanted to build her a decent gaming PC for $500usd or less or if its not possible, to build her an every day stuff (watching netflix, using the internet, etc.) for less than $400usd.

She might not need a monitor because I have two relatively new ones that take up too much space on my desk but she does need speakers (any will do) a keyboard and mouse (I like the logitech MK120 but if you know anything better for the same price or cheaper then even better.)

This will be built for windows 7 which I already have so that doesn't need to be included in the price. The most important thing is for the computer components and the computer as a whole to be as reliable as possible.

Please let me know if I missed any details that might help you. Thank you very much in advance for all your help. :)
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