Quick Question about Dual MOLEX-to-PCIe 6-pin Adapters

Hey guys.
I´ve just bought myself a GTX 670 AMP Edition and I am seeing now that the GPU needs 2x6-Pin cables to power it up.
Well,my PSU is modular and a while ago,I´ve lost some of its cables.
Now I only have a 6-Pin and 8-Pin for the GPU.
Will running the GPU with the metioned adapters,Dual MOLEX-to-PCIe 6-pin Adapters, affect performance in any way?
The PSU camed with 2x6-Pin and 2x8-Pin,but I´ve lost one of each.
The PSU in matter is the Cooler Master Real Power M620,I used it to power up a 7970 a few weeks ago, until I returned it because it was failing on me(coil whine,buzzes,abnormal temps,etc).
Cheers guys.
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  1. For the 2x6-Pin PCIe the card requires,I plan on using 1x6-Pin as a normal one,the one that I still have from the PSU cables and the second one I plan on using adapters to run it.
    Any problems with this config?
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    Think the GTX670 uses a little less juice than the HD7970 so power wise it's OK.
    It is not a good idea to run powerful cards off molex/PCI-E adaptors, though, Molex connectors are not really designed to handle the high currents that a graphics card can draw, try contacting Coolermaster support they may be able to supply a replacement 6-pin cable or your local small computer store may be able to downgrade the 8 pin lead to 6 pin.
  3. use molex it should be fine! but do find your cables.
  4. Before I forget,how the heck do I connect this?
    I will connect my 6-Pin PCI-E cable for the first slot on the GPU and for the 2nd,I will use this,but how?
    I plug the Dual Molex in the (SATA?) cable and then on the GPU?
    Should I plug the 2 Molex in the same cable or do I have to plug each molex in one different cable?
  5. Most PSUs have two peripheral connector leads with SATA and Molex on the same cable. Connect all your drives to one cable and the adaptor plugs into the Molex plugs on other.
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