4 yr old pc, sudden black screen, no beeps, fans working, no boot

Hi ya'll,

Ive had this PC nearly 4 years and have had to replace only the hard drive before.

I've tried most of the suggestions on this site but have yet to come to a solution.

I had shut down my pc normally and left the room, when i came back in the fans were still going but the screen was blank and keyboard/mouse(usb) off.
The power button (front) did nothing, no matter how long the duration of the hold.

After turning off the pc at the wall and cleaning/replacing everything and trying various combinations, all results were the same, blank screen, no beeps, fans going, power button does nothing.

I've tried replacing all the power connections, tried starting up with no ram, tried taking out the cmos battery all to no avail.

I suppose this means my motherboard is kaput? There was a brief power cut the other day and there has been several in this pc's life time, could that screw the power supply?

Is there any last thing i could try?

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  1. You could try a different psu but i think your motherboard is dead.
  2. gcatalin said:
    You could try a different psu but i think your motherboard is dead.

    I might try that as the fan on the psu seems temprimental and sometimes doesn't spin when power is turned on. Also power switch on the psu doesn't turn off the unit. Only removing the power cable does. Let's hope its that.

    A little update.

    I cleaned out the PSU as it was so packed full of dust i thought maybe that was shorting something, but now it seems to be running fine, fan turns on every time.

    So it has to be the Mobo right? Any way to test to make doubly sure? Im on a budget so can't afford to get a replacement piece i don't know.

    It's a Gigabyte GA-MA78L-US2H.
    All fans come on even the graphics card fan when plugged in. No beeps with any combo of parts and black screen every time. Kaput?

    Only other thing that worries me is the thermite gel stuff on the CPU seems to have worn away a lot. But CPU's are quite hardy no?

    Cheers for any help, will start looking for a good Mobo, any recommendations for my set up?

    4gb DDR3 1333Mhz (Sector 5) Ram
    AMD Phenom X3 Tri Core (2.3)
    Gigabyte GV-R487D5-1GD Graphics Card.
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