New 1Gb AGP Graphic card not working

I have bought an 1Gb ATI Radeon HD3650. (128 bit, ddr2)
I plugged it in an AGP port, (computer of, unplugged) turned computer on- no signal, no system beeps, only fan on card started turning. Even no signal from integrated graphics.

Deleted old drivers, installed new ones, tweaked BIOS, still no signal, no beeps.
Reseted BIOS (battery out), tried diffrent cables, unplugged unnecesary devices.
Same results.

Tested on computer with a 350W PSU, 2.5Gb of Ram and AMD Athlon. (replaced old graphics)
Tested on computer with a 270W PSU, around 1.7Gb of ram and Intel Pentium. (integrated graphics, free AGP slot)
(card requires at least 300W PSU for normal operation)
Both computers have Win XP.
Same results.

It is weird to me, that there are none system sounds, or integrated graphics signal.
I want to know if ther are system incompatibilities or the card is not working.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. On older systems, when you install a dedicated AGP video card (like your HD3650), your motherboard will automatically disable the on-board, integrated video adapter. So, the integrated video will no longer work.

    If you have tried the HD3650 in multiple systems and have achieved the same results, then I would assume the HD3650 is defective.

    What specific HD3650 (make/model) are you trying to use? Also, what are the makes/models of the motherboards you tried to install the HD3650 into?

    Not all AGP slots are compatible with all AGP video cards.
  2. Hewlett-Packard HP d530 CMT(DF368A) on second computer. Not sure for first one.
    There is a CMB sticker on a box for my graphics card.
  3. Some HD3650s require external power be connected to the video card. Yours may have a connector that looks like a floppy drive power connector on it. If so, you need to attached a spare power connector to the video card for it to power up properly.
  4. I connected that before.

    *(It is CM3 sticker on it)
  5. Then I suspect you have a defective video card that you should try to return or exchange. Sorry.
  6. Thanks
  7. I had a similar problem with the ASUS HD 3650 AGP that I put in my mom's old rig. It's like the AGP interface can't handle anything more powerful than an nVidia GeForce 8400 GS.
  8. Interesting. So there is a chance, that this card is not defective, just some computers can't handle it.
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    That computer (HP) can handle both 4x and 8x AGP devices, so the HD 3650 should be compatible. To verify, look at the optional GPUs that came installed with the original system configs.

    It really sounds like a defective device.
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