Trouble choosing between corsair m95 and logitech g600

Hi I am having real problems with choosing between the 2 mice , I mostly play dota 2 and a few fps's every now and then, the logitech g600 is slightly more expensive but not even worth worrying about, I cant chose between the 2 I have not been able to find a reviewer who has reviewed both of them fairly and I really am struggling to chose. Any help would be appreciated thanks and also I want a mouse that lasts
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  1. Well, it seems like you're struggling to choose between mice with many button functions for games like DOTA 2. For this purpose, you actually have a decent number to choose from, so I'm going to complicate things by offering a few additional options to the ones you mention. If you've already considered these, then by all means disregard this message.

    I'd say any of these could work for you:
    - Razer Naga (pre-2014 models) and Razer Naga Hex edition (specifically designed for MOBA games like DOTA 2)
    - Razer Naga 2014 (significantly redesigned, and very similar to the G600, but with some impovements)
    - CoolerMaster (CM) Storm Inferno (this mouse has quite a few buttons, and makes use of a thumb button "shift key" that effectively doubles the number of programmable functions)
    - Roccat Kone XTD (like the CM Storm Inferno, this mouse features a "shift key" at your thumb that allows you to program all the other buttons, including LMB/RMB, to perform a secondary function, doubling your programmable functions)
    - Logitech G700 (not including LMB/RMB, this mouse has 11 programmable's also the only option here than can be wireless (it can also be used wired))
    - Logitech G600 (you already mentioned)
    - Corsair m95 (you already mentioned)

    Of the above, the G600, Naga (2012 and before) and Naga 2014 each offer their signature large number pad. This was especially conceived for MMO games like World of Warcraft, etc., because those require the maximum number of buttons and line up powers to coincide with the 1-0 number keys at the top of your keyboard. If you need this many, or you simply like this design, then these are a good choice. However, many people steer clear of these mice, even if they need a lot of button functions, because it is challenging to find just the button you want on a pad of this design. Also, these mice leave your thumb with no particularly comfortable place to rest, since the only option is to grip the mouse with your thumb on top of the keys. The Razer Naga (pre-2014 edition) has a rubber, flush-mounted pad that is more comfortable for the thumb than the G600 and Naga 2014, which have protruding buttons. However, for some this makes the thumb pad more difficult to use.

    The others on the list don't have thumb pads, but still offer a huge amount of programmability. Many prefer these because putting 12 buttons together on a pad at the thumb isn't ideal. They'd rather have them all in more easily reached locations around the mouse. This is where the CM Storm Inferno, Roccat Kone XTD and G700 excel. Of these, the Roccat Kone XTD gets the best reviews for quality, software, customizability, etc. It's easy to recommend, but it's also the most expensive.

    The Corsair m95 is somewhere in between the G600/Naga and the others. It places a lot of buttons near the thumb, but for most users they are ergonomically better positioned than a number pad layout. It is easier to distinguish between its larger, differently shaped buttons. That said, many say that not all the buttons are easy to reach. Furthemore, they don't all have the same feel to press. So, the mouse gets somewhat mixed reviews. Still, overall, it is positively regarded.

    I've had my hands on a number of these mice in the stores. And I'd say that the Inferno, XTD, Naga and Naga 2014 feel best. The Logitechs are known to be well made mice, but the buttons don't feel as precise or high quality as the others — they feel plasticky. The same is true of the Corsair m95, which has been reported to be a well constructed mouse, but I held it and played with its buttons for a bit and wasn't impressed. They feel a little cheap, even if they work.

    If I were you and money isn't much of an issue (so you can afford an $80 mouse), I'd strongly consider the Roccat Kone XTD or, if you like the thumb pad, the Razer Naga 2014. If money is an issue, the CM Inferno (around $40) is a fantastic value (know that this mouse is a bit on the smaller side, if you have large hands). If you struggle with the form of these mice (comfort), and you find the idea of wireless gaming appealing, try the G700. Many use it and love it.

    - ELB
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