Old hard drive on new computer can't transfer files

The motherboard on my old comp failed so I bought a new tower and had the old hard drive put in it. All of my files, photos etc are available however I am trying to copy them onto an external hard drive and I am getting a MSG that they are no longer in that location and to check the location. I can open them up fine so I don't know why they won't copy over? Please help
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  1. what OS are you on now and what OS did you have?
  2. I was on windows vista, I haven't been able to install my new windows operating system yet as I believe it's on the new hard drive which was taken out temporarily so i could retrieve these files off the old hard drive,it will be windows 7 premium. I hope this makes sense because I'm not very good with computers :/
  3. It might only be a link to the actual file you are trying to copy. Search for a filename you know for sure and see what comes up and in which locations / folders on the harddrive.
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