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What does super clocked mean and acx cooler?

Well im trying to buy a gtx 760 or 650 if i dont have enough money but the thing is what does acx cooler mean and super clocked mean does that mean its over cloked? Im buying it from and the company is from evga
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    Superclocked does mean it comes pre overclocked. If the stock clock for the 760 is 980MHz, then a 1GHz 760 could be "superclocked".

    ACX is a cooler design, probably. Some companies design a cooler and slap it on all their cards. For example, I have the "wind force 3" cooler on my Gigabyte card. Gigabyte designed a cooler that has 3 fans and called it that. Then they put it on 7950s, 7970s, GTX670, etc. It's often called the WF3. Another company made a cooler they call "Double D". ACX is just another non stock/reference cooler. I'm not sure of which cooler that is however. Or how it compares to other coolers. eVGA is a good company however so I would buy a card from them.
  2. overclocking is basically, increase the voltage/watt is going to the unit (processor/RAM) in this case the videocard. Allowing it to reach higher clockspeed (1ghz)
  3. You realize this thread is two years old right?
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