ATI HD 7770 vs ATI HD 5750

So, I updated my gfx card from the 5750 to the 7770, and noticed when I play a certain game (second life), I have lower FPS than I did with the 5750, however with the more resource intensive game (Tera online) I have a steady FPS without dropping, unlike with the 5750 it lagged a bit.

My build is as follows:

OS: Win 7-64bit
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 810 2.6GHz
ATI HD 7770

I really don't think it's the CPU bottlenecking. I don't have a clue what it is, just very disappointing and annoying.

Getting more RAM soon, maybe that will help. Suggestions are awesome though :D


So, when I check my gfx card usage throughout playing second life, it peaks at 45% and I'll have like 12 fps. Tera it's 95% consistently.

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  1. The 7770 is a faster card. Though not way faster. What's the CPU use during second life?
  2. It's between as you saw in the picture, that was second life behind it. It jumps around between 15-38% most of the time. If I go to a new area it goes to 60-80% for a few seconds and goes back down.

    That's what I'm not understanding, it's supposed to be slightly better, but it's acting like it isn't.
  3. I was going to ask when that pic was took. Because the GPU is only 17%. And the CPU use is similar at 15%. No where near the 40 and 90% numbers you gave.

    If you have 45% CPU use and 45% GPU use during a game then you have a problem somewhere else. I doubt its the ram. 5GBs is an odd amount, and running in single channel, but shouldn't cause this problem. Might be a driver problem. Or the game is poorly coded.
  4. See, I knew it wasn't my CPU. That's the thing though, with my 5750 I get FPS of like 114 and my card is at like 92%. And it isn't because my GPU is using too much power, my power usage is like 418 watts and I have a 700 watt PSU. I'm at a loss.
  5. Hmm, I have to ask - have you tried updating to the most recent amd drivers? I also agree that I don't think its your cpu that's the issue either. I'm not really sure how good the coding is on second life.
  6. Yes, even though both the 5750 and the 7770 use the same driver at the moment, I did a clean install with the AMD utility and re-installed the driver.
  7. Yeah, I give up at this point lololololol. I've tinkered with everything relevant to it. :o
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