Playstation 3 Emulators

Are there actually any fully working Playstation 3 emulators out there?
One where you can just download it, load in an ISO and play.
Where you don't need to fill out survey's to get a BIOS or get passwords or any of that shit.

Just a good, working PS3 emulator that is just download, install and go?
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  1. No, and I seriously doubt there will be one in the next several years. This is due to the PS3's cell architecture. It can't be emulated as of yet on any PC.
  2. Oh god, this again. Because of the horrible architecture and encryption on the PS3, it DOES NOT EXIST and won't any time soon. ANY video you see online claiming this is false is a fake, and just so you know...

    no known team is currently working on a PS3 emulator. Which means one isn't coming unless some random genius decides to just code one himself... and then we'll still have to wait ten years.
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