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Old Spaceship Game Name

September 22, 2013 12:54:41 PM

Guys, can you help me? I remember I played an old spaceship 2D game some years before. I do not remember the game name, but I know we could select multiple levels, and there was an only asteroid level. The asteroids seemed pretty realistic, there were some white ones, and yellow gold-like asteroids, and I guess that the big asteroids did break in smaller ones when fired at; It was allowed to play with 2 players in the same keyboard.
I remember that we could even customize some ships; The scenario was destructible, like you could use some kind of missiles and make holes in the grass (yeah, most of the scenario walls were made of grass or a Green terrain); There were some levels which had gravity too, and there was a level called "Race" or "8", that was a race scenario in the shape of an eight, and at the bottom there was a weird gray mansion that need a lot of shots to be destroyed.
I can't remember anything else now... :\

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