Where can I find some sticks of 166/200 Mhz DDR PC3200 RAM?

I have an old 2005 computer that happens to be able to run a couple of relatively new games (Skyrim, among others) except for the fact that it has only 1 GB of RAM, whereas the game I want to play requires 2 GB. So, I found out what RAM I have using System Info for Windows, and all the specs of it, and realized that finding a 166/200 Mhz stick of RAM is hard, especially a PC3200. So, my question is this; do any of you guys know of a place where I can get some 166/200 Mhz DDR PC3200 RAM?
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  1. Best bet is eBay...
  2. noidea_77 said:

    So my SIW says that my RAM is PC3200 but 200 Mhz, so which is more important to have if I were to mix and match, the frequency or the PC3200?
  3. I think I actually found a stick on ebay.

    Would this stick work for my needs? Is the DDR 400 the same as DDR, as long as its PC3200?

    Also, what is the difference between DDR SDRAM and just DDR RAM? Or are they the same? And if so, can I run them together?

    P.S. Just found another one, I think

    P.P.S. Sorry about the long post and probably time-wasting questions. One more though. My motherboard is the ASUS A8N-VM,
    and says it supports DDR 400 RAM. Does that mean that it supports any frequency of DDR 400 RAM? If it does, can I just take out my old 200 Mhz one, and put 2 GBs of 400 Mhz RAM in without a problem?
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    Is there any special reason, why you are looking for registered ECC ram? That is server ram and will not work in standard PCs. Just look for plain old 200 MHz DDR (SD)RAM. Anyway, I don't know, how you figured it out, but this PC will not run any modern game.
  5. So yeah, I used can you run it, and my motherboard supports DDR400 RAM, so I'm just going to get some of that and try it out anyways.

    Thanks for all your help, guys.
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