Cant connect 3 displays?

I am trying to connect 3 displays using two dell 23" monitors and a HDTV around 23" as well but every time i try to connect them all using control panel i get a message saying "unable to save display settings", i have also tried using the AMD Catalyst Control Center but still no hope.

I am using a VTX3D HD7770 X-Edition V3 and have tried using all the connections (HDMI,DVI-I,DVI-D and DisplayPort using a DisplayPort to DVI) Yet none of the combinations work.
I have tried all the connections separately and they all work alone or with 2 monitors and the third one not connecting.

Does anyone have any clue why i cant connect all 3 monitors simultaneously and how to fix this problem?
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  1. You will need an active DP to DVI adapter as Eyefinity requires an active DP for 3 monitors. The most likely issue is that your adapter is passive instead of active.
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    You must use an active display port adapter to connect the 3rd monitor. You are using a passive adapter which will not work.
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