Can I safely replace my ViewSonic VE510b's faulty power supply with ANY equivalent PSU?

This faulty monitor fell into my hands (it shows no picture, the screen flashes faintly, the monitor emits a constant beeping sound and the power light blinks constantly, as if it was "rebooting" over and over). I have repaired electronic equipment before (only on a hobbyist level though) so I opened it. The PSU looks like this one:

As expected, my PSU had a couple of swollen capacitors. I could just replace those, or...

I noticed a label on the back of the LCD panel that says "3.3V 700 mA". Does that mean I can safely replace the monitor's built-in PSU with any 3.3V DC power supply providing at least 700 mA? Like, for example, an old phone charger, or an RC car battery? It sounds too good to be true! But can I?

Note here that I'm not asking how - all I want to know is whether it can be done safely or if there's any risk that I'll fry the LCD panel by doing this.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. If you don't have warranty anymore then just do it. It doesn't work anyway. With the cost of labor these days, I'd rather repair things myself or throw them away and buy another one.
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